Video: MN second grader says Ellen DeGeneres should be a baby chipmunk for Halloween

Ellen reads Minnesota second graders' costume ideas on her show.

Credit: Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres is getting some Halloween costume ideas from a group of Minnesota second graders.

On Wednesday's show, Ellen got a kick out of what she called "really sweet" costume ideas from students in Ms. Maczko's class at Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School in West St. Paul, sharing three of the ideas on air.

A student named Addison suggested Ellen be a baby chipmunk this year. Why? "Ellen can dig holes. Ellen has a big chubby mouth when she eat pizza. Ellen is cute like a baby chipmunk," Addison wrote.

Jovoni, another student in the class, said Ellen should be a chicken because "Chicken can run just like Ellen" and "Some chickens are alive just like Ellen."

"Ellen would make a great vampire because vampire run really fast and vampire can jump too," Samaria, another student, wrote.

The costume ideas book began as a writing lesson in Tiffany Maczko's class, WCCO says. And when Maczko was in the Ellen audience last week, she decided to leave the book of costume suggestions for the talk show host.

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