Minnesota toddler featured in wildly popular 'Reasons My Kid is Crying' book

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A 1-year-old boy wanted to play with the ax that his aunt was using to chop wood. Naturally, she denied his request, which brought the youngster to tears.

His mother thought the situation was adorable, so she snapped a photo.

Now, that Andover, Minnesota, toddler's burst of emotion will be remembered forever in a new book, "Reasons My Kid is Crying" by Greg Pembroke, ABC Newspapers says, which was released on April 1.

Pembroke's book began as a Facebook album of his sons having temper tantrums over seemingly silly things and grew into an internationally popular blog, Reasons my Son is CryingPaste Magazine says.

Pembroke's photos gained attention fast – he started the Facebook album in March 2013, and then created a Tumblr page on April 2. By April 9, 2013, Pembroke and his family were featured on Good Morning America.

In no time, book publishers were reaching out to him. That's when Pembroke contacted AnnaMarie Ferrell for permission to use the photo of her crying son, Aiden, after she posted it to a social media website last June, ABC Newspapers says.

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“There are a lot of funny moments with kids,” Ferrell told the newspaper. “It’s cool to have one of them memorialized.”

Ferrell and her husband have four children, two daughters ages 6 and 4, and Aiden and his twin brother, who celebrated their second birthday in March, the newspaper says.

Pembroke's book features about 150 images of crying children with a line of text underneath detailing the reason why the kid is crying, among them: "I let him play on the grass," "He ran out of toys to throw into his pool" and "The neighbor’s dog isn’t outside."

On the cover, a young boy is crying because "We gave him delicious pudding."

Pembroke continues to post submitted photos and photos of his sons to his blog and Twitter account. Here's a sampling of some recent posts:

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