Minnesota woman has a great shot to win on 'The Bachelor'

The publicist from Prior Lake is clearly a frontrunner for love.

Before we get started, we're not here to spoil The Bachelor, so if you're behind on your DVR you should exit this story and binge watch your way back to present day. 

Now, to the point... 

Becca K., the 27-year-old publicist from Prior Lake, Minnesota, is definitely in the mix to win Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s love. She's had two one-on-one dates with the Bachelor and she's kept herself out of the negative spotlight, which is clearly one of the keys to winning his heart. 

She got her second one-on-one with the Bachelor on the most recent episode, and they clearly hit it off again.

As an unapologetic Bachelor viewer (ie. my partner made me initially but now I'm hooked), I was a little nervous for Becca in the early stages of their date because Arie made it pretty clear that he needed the second one-on-one just to make sure they still had a great connection. 

But who could blame him – he's got a dozen women trying to win his heart and there's only so much Bachelor to go around.

During their first one-on-one, world famous fashion designer Rachel Zoe fitted Becca (whose full name is Rebecca Kufrin) for a dress and later tweeted about her connection with Arie.

All signs point to Becca making a deep run for the Bachelor's love.

The upcoming episode on Monday is going to be extra special since Arie gets to come to Minnesota to meet Becca's family.

Meanwhile, keep tabs on Becca through her Instagram, where she routinely posts photos from the experience. 

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