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Minnesotans re-envision classic paintings for the automotive age


They call themselves Citizens for Roads Asphalt and Parking. Their Twitter handle is @MinnCRAP.

Think this is an irreverent bunch? You're a quick study.

Lately, though, instead of aiming their barbs at the streets underfoot they've turned their satirical attention up into the lofty realm of fine art.

Now, thanks to MinnCRAP we may have a better understanding of what kept Christina from that house on the prairie in Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World." (See the original here.)

And perhaps we now understand the real source of illumination in van Gogh's classic "The Starry Night."

Inspiration from Memphis

Apart from their natural predisposition to take jabs at modern-day car culture, what led these wiseacre Minnesotans to photoshop fine art?

Like many ideas, it came up the Mississippi River.

In Memphis there's been a spat over the city zoo using a popular park as the repository for overflow parking - particularly since 27 trees were cut down to make way for more parked cars.

Activist David Lindsey used his chagrin over what was happening to his beloved Overton Park to elicit grins from those familiar with Georges Seurat’s masterpiece “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.”

Lindsey's work was featured on the website Streetsblog USA. And that got the wheels turning in the minds of some mischievous Minnesotans.

If wry zingers mocking motor-culture are just your speed, feel free to zip over to the Citizens for Roads Asphalt and Parking Facebook page.

But if this puts you in the mood to view art unpolluted by cars, here're one site's suggestions of some of the finest paintings of the western world.

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