Minnesotans respond to Wisconsin plot to steal our lakes

Things have been getting very silly online this week.

Wisconsinites are jealous of Minnesota's lakes ... and now they plan to steal them.

That's the theme of the meme (see what we did there?) running wild on social media this week, as Minnesotans and our neighbors across the border prepare for an almighty fake fight.

It all started when Wisconsinite Marissa Stockman created a Facebook event called: "Go to Minnesota and steal their 11,842 Lakes."

"So this might seem impossible but I don't think so, if we bring enough buckets we can do it," the event states, adding: "Just tired of them being so smug with their 10,000 lakes."

Judgment day for Minnesota's lakes, it seems, is on Oct. 6, with the first bucket being dunked in anger at White Bear Lake on Oct. 6.

The Facebook event has more than 3,700 confirmed attendees and 11,000 more "interested," so we hope White Bear Lake is ready for an invasion.

Not one to take such an incursion lying down, Minnesotans are rallying to do what they can to protect their lakes – with Minneapolis resident Lukas Peterson setting up a counter event called "Weigh down Minnesota's lakes with rocks so people can't steal them."

The following events then emerged:

– Steal all the rocks from Minnesota so they cant weigh down the lakes.

– Steal everyone's trucks so they can't steal our rocks.

– Put sharks in Minnesota’s lakes to deter theft of our lakes.

– Use tractor beams and subs with laser guys to kill sharks.

We have to say though, that this one is probably the best of the lot.

Speaking to the Pioneer Press, Stockman said she got the idea after seeing similar posts on Facebook, such as "Sneak into Iowa and steal their corn," and initially sent it to two friends in what she thought was a private posts.

But it wasn't private, it was very, very public, and watched in bemusement as it captured the imagination of lake-enviers everywhere.

Here's hoping nobody across the border takes this seriously because if we do ... we're coming for your cheese.

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