Minnesota's drivers are among the worst in the country, study says

Finally, some national rankings we can all agree on!

So last year a CarInsuranceComparison.com study found Minnesota had the best drivers, but QuoteWizard.com is now saying we have the 2nd worst.

Now we don't know what to believe.

To be fair, the rankings were compiled differently, the CarInsuranceComparison study looked at crashes caused by careless driving, seat belt use and drinking, problems which aren't as big in Minnesota compared to other states.

QuoteWizard on the other hand says Minnesota saw big increases in accidents, speeding and citations between 2016 and 2017, which caused the state to rise from 11th in the table last year to 2nd this year.

Only Californians have been worse drivers this year, the website says.

I think if we're being honest Minnesotans, we're not going to quibble with any ranking that says our drivers are among the worst – it's a regular topic for discussion on social media.

These, for example, are from the past 24 hours.

Now let's be fair: Minnesotan drivers have to put up with way more difficult conditions during the winter than other states, particularly California (when it's not contending with wildfires).

As QuoteWizard notes, the winter freeze has the effect of turning cars "into Zambonis."

But the state's famous passive-aggressive nature and many drivers' apparent inability to zipper merge and use roundabouts correctly leads to inevitable frustration on the roads.

So if you need some driving refreshers, we've got you covered.

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