Minnesota's 'young Adele' takes YouTube fame in stride

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Minnesota teen Molly Kate Kestner, who is gaining worldwide attention for an original song she posted to YouTube (above), plans to talk deals with record companies in the next few weeks, and she hopes to soon sell "His Daughter" on iTunes.

But the Austin high school senior seems unfazed by the instant fame that comes with being a social media star.

“Some people want to make music to be famous, and that’s totally OK,” Kestner tells the Austin Daily Herald. “I just want to help people with my music. I want to lift them up and make them feel better about things.”

The low-tech video, shot on a cellphone, shows Kestner delivering what Huffington Post says is a performance that "will knock your socks off."

"The lyrics are dark, but powerful, and her voice is insanely mature," Huffington Post says.

The video, posted April 20, was nearing 750,000 views Wednesday morning. The song, about an unexpected pregnancy and a woman's relationship with God, has been drawing international attention and media coverage. It got a big boost when George Takei, the social media-savvy former "Star Trek" actor who has nearly 7 million Facebook followers, suggested Kestner is America's "young Adele."

CNN's HLN Network also picked up the story, calling it a "bone-chilling" performance. And Social News Daily says Kestner is "no one-hit wonder. We should get used to seeing her."

Kestner tells her hometown newspaper that all the attention has been "really amazing," but she hasn't been too overwhelmed this week by her turn in the social media spotlight.

“When it’s happening to you, you don’t really realize it,” Kestner told the Daily Herald.

She also tells the newspaper that she's hoping the song can help her pay for college, and says she would one day like to be a motivational speaker who uses music to help others.

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