MN actor famous for 'Captain Phillips' role lands his next gig


Nearly two years after the words "I'm the captain now" made him a star, Barkhad Abdi has lined up another acting gig.

Variety reports that Barkhad has secured a role in "The Wolf Who Cried Boy," in which he'll play a limo driver who is also a buyer of stolen goods.

This comes after some dramatic turns in the former Minneapolis resident's life. He was reportedly "dead broke" in 2014 despite having earned an Oscar nomination for his first-ever acting turn, in 2013's "Captain Phillips" (where that now-famous line came from).

He was "in talks" to star in a film called “The Place That Hits the Sun” last spring, but the project doesn't seem to have materialized (a quick glance at IMDb shows the movie doesn't have an entry on the site).

There were also reports of his being considered for the Judd Apatow film "Trainwreck," but he was ultimately not cast.

Barkhad's casting is a coup for the young director of "The Wolf Who Cried Boy," Indiewire says, praising the youngster for managing to snatch up an Academy Award-nominated actor for just his second feature film. It's set to film in Detroit this spring.

Barhkad was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and moved to Minnesota at the age of 14. After his "Captain Phillips" success, he moved to Los Angeles to continue working in showbiz.

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