MN cocktail expert lands top bartending job at 'world's best bar'


Less than a year after departing the Twin Cities to weave his mixing magic in London, expert cocktail maker Phillip 'Pip' Hanson has secured a role at the "world's best bar."

Hanson, the former beverage director of Marvel Bar in downtown Minneapolis, left for the British capital in March to learn from its thriving cocktail scene – and evidently impressed managers at Artesian.

For context, Artesian is a bar located in lavish London hotel The Langham, near Regent Street, and was just named the best bar on the globe in "The World's 50 Best Bars" 2015 rankings.

And Artesian announced in a press release that Hanson will play a huge role in the "next phase" of its development, having appointed the mixology expert as its head bartender.

"I am very excited to be joining the Langham, London at this important juncture." Hanson said. "This is a time of change and evolution for the bar and the New Year will bring with it a very new style of drink-making. I am delighted to be able to define the next phase of Artesian's creative legacy."

The Minneapolis Eater reports Hanson learned his trade in Tokyo, and during his time in the Twin Cities he's worked at La Belle Vie, Town Talk Diner and Cafe Maude before moving to the speakeasy Marvel Bar, part of The Bachelor Farmer.

He's a double semi-finalist in the James Beard Awards for "outstanding cocktail programs," with the Eater paying homage to his "nori steeped Scotch" and him being the "first locally to utilize saline to heighten a drink's flavor."

At Artesian, Hanson is promising to bring "meticulous attention to classic cocktail technique as well as a flair for stripped-down innovation" using his Japanese-influenced style.

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