MN librarian gets a shot at trivia stardom on 'Jeopardy!' this week

It took her nearly two years to get on the show.

Something unusual is happening Wednesday afternoon at the public library in Lonsdale, Minnesota: a viewing party, complete with free soda and popcorn, for a live airing of NBC's Jeopardy!

It's because the library's director, Webster resident Margeruite Moran, will be a contestant on the hit game show.

For Moran, the viewing party will cap off an adventure that began more than two years ago, when she first applied for a chance to share the stage with host Alex Trebek.

She tells the Lonsdale News Review it all started with a 50-question online quiz, which led to an April 2015 phone call where producers invited her to audition – in Kansas City.

It apparently went well, but she didn't end up competing on the actual show (which films in the Los Angeles area) until April of this year.

And it was an intensely personal quest for the librarian. 

“I used to watch [Jeopardy!] with my dad, who passed away last year, so being able to compete made it really special for me,” Moran told the News Review.

She can't say how she did against her fellow contestants (because, naturally, that would be a huge spoiler), but either way, she walked away a little bit richer than she was before. Losing contestants take home money, too – $2,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third place.

(If you're curious about why the process of applying and competing takes so long – and how it all works – check out this eye-opening piece by former Jeopardy! champ Terri Pous.)

You can find out how Moran did by tuning in to KARE 11 Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., or attending her library's Jeopardy! party in Lonsdale.

By the way, the last Minnesotan to appear on the quiz show was Macalester College sophomore Jennifer Katz, who took second place in the College Championship tournament back in February

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