MN police department's unlikely Twitter football spat with Denver

Cops don't always agree, especially when it comes to football.

They both protect and serve, but cops don't always agree. Especially when it comes to football.

The police department in Wyoming, Minnesota, took questions from Twitter users for #TalkingTuesday, and became embroiled in an unlikely – but good-natured – spat with counterparts in Denver, Colorado.

Probably unsurprisingly, it was about football, as the Denver cops – Broncos fans – engaged in some gentle trolling at the Minnesota Vikings' expense.

It doesn't matter how many Super Bowls you've won though, right now is not a good time to be ribbing the 5-0 Vikings, considering they are the only undefeated team in the NFL, while the Broncos have lost two in a row to fall to 4-2.

As such, Wyoming PD hit back.

Here's how it went:

Despite their difference when it comes to NFL, you couldn't help but notice the respect between the two departments.

If you don't follow the Twitter account run by the police department in Wyoming, Minnesota, check it out – it's pretty funny, and not just when conversing with other cops.

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