MN woman uses bullying over dress as inspiration for kindness campaign

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Two weeks ago, Liz Krueger posted this on Instagram:

It's a story about how she wore the above-pictured dress to a friend's wedding – and as she says, got bullied because of it.

Since then it's been big headlines for Krueger, a 31-year-old nutrition and fitness expert from Minneapolis.

Places like The Sun, Us Weekly, Cosmo, The Daily Mail and more have picked up her story. She also wrote about it on Facebook:

She told People about how unwelcome the entire incident at the wedding made her feel, but said stuff like this "doesn't have to hold you down, you can just use it to turn it into good."


And that's what she's trying to do, using it as inspiration to start what she calls #KruegerKindness. As she explains in an Instagram post:

"I'm going to actively make it a priority to do good things for other women, every single day from here on out. I'm hoping to inspire others to do the same, just as I have with fitness journey."

She says it can be a small gesture – complimenting a woman or taking them out to lunch – or something bigger, like volunteering to help women who have been bullied or are in need.

She calls it a "movement for women, by women."

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