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Modist's new beer is a remake of a retired favorite

Toats was retired because words can be confusing.

Remember when Modist Brewing had to retire one of its beers because another company thought people may confuse the beer's name with its champagne? 

Well, the Minneapolis-based brewery promised to remake Toats, the pale ale brewed with more than 50 percent oats. 

And it'll come out this week. 

The beer is called False Pattern, and it's described as a "soft, very hazy pale ale" that's brewed with malted oats, plus both Centennial and Mosaic hops. 

The malted oats give the beer its haze and "very soft, silky mouthfeel," as well as add some "complex flavors" like toasted granola, brown sugar, honey and butterscotch – which typically aren't found in standard barley-based beers, head brewer Keigan Knee explained. 

And the hops Modist chose to use will give it a juicy, tropical flavor that isn't too bitter. 

False Pattern has an ABV of 5.5 percent. 

Wait, what happened to Toats?

Back in February, Modist announced it was retiring Toats because the owners of Tott's champagne thought people would confuse Toats with Tott's. 

The brewery says they didn't have "a bagillion dollars to spend on legal defense" to fight the company, so instead Modist decided to rework and rebrand the oat-based pale ale. 

That's where False Pattern comes in. 

Where can you get it? 

You'll be able to get False Pattern in four-packs of tallboy cans at local liquor stores (see a list here) starting Wednesday, although Modist says it'll be available in "very limited" quantities. 

False Pattern marks Modist's fourth can release and its first packaged beer to have the Brewers Association's Seal of Independence

There will also be a release party for the beer on Saturday. More information on that here

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