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More free activities revealed for Super Bowl Live

The 10-day celebration will take over Nicollet Mall – here's what will be there.

The Super Bowl Live organizers have been promising something big for their 10-day Nicollet Mall celebration. 

And for the first time, we've got a clear picture of almost everything going on, where you'll be able to find it, and which corporate name/logo will be plastered all over the space.

The host committee on Monday released details and a map for the 10-day free event, which is being sponsored by Verizon.

Some of them were known: The enormous Wisconsin Birkie Bridge, the snowmobiler who's gonna backflip over Nicollet Mall, all the free concerts.

But there are some new ones, including:

  • The Doritos Blaze Lounge, where you'll be able to get inside and out of the cold. Oh and eat Doritos. 
  • A Prince pop-up exhibit, featuring "rare artifacts and wardrobe" from Paisley Park, plus some Purple One merch for sale. That'll be located in the former Dayton's building.
  • The Delta grill – an aircraft-shaped grill that will be able to cook 500 burgers an hour.
  • And Target's Bullseye Lounge, featuring "free hot cocoa with personalized marshmallows" and some other sports-related activities. 

There are more than 20 attractions in all (plus you can see where CNN, ESPN and NBC will be broadcasting from, if you want to get a funny sign in a live shot). Check out the full list here.

And here's a map – the entire thing stretches for six blocks (from 12th Street to 6th Street), but you'll only be able to enter at four points.

Super Bowl Live kicks off Jan. 26.

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