More people pirated 'Game of Thrones' S7 than watched it legally

A security firm called the numbers "absolutely staggering."

It's no secret that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on TV

And this past season (the seventh), the series made plenty of headlines for having an entire episode leaked, and another accidentally released ahead of time in Europe. 

But new numbers from anti-piracy tech firm MUSO are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

"Piracy eclipsed legal viewings," the company announced in a news release Tuesday, saying that season seven was pirated over a billion times. 

Yes, a billion.

Considering Thrones is "the world's most popular show," that might not sound shocking on the face of it. But get this: there were only 31 million legal viewings per episode this season, MUSO says.

Even when you tally up all those legal viewings for the whole season (that's seven episodes total), you only get 217 million legal viewings.

That's still a long way off from matching the billion-or-so pirated views.

MUSO called those numbers "absolutely staggering."

The firm says the season premiere, "Dragonstone," was downloaded illegally over 187 million times. To get some idea of how big Thrones piracy has become, consider the season five premiere, which garnered up to 10 million illegal views, CNN reported

One thing that might explain the massive jump in piracy numbers is the fact that MUSO looked at "all types of piracy," not just torrents, but also streaming and other methods (of course, the show's insane popularity probably played a role, too). 

Despite all this, however, Thronesstill crushed with its TV ratings.

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