Most people in the Twin Cities trust their neighbors, survey says

The Twin Cities came in No. 2 on a list of cities that are most trusting of their neighbors.
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Mr. Rogers would be proud.

People in the Twin Cities are apparently pretty trustworthy when it comes to their neighbors.

A survey from YouGov says about 80 percent of Twin Cities residents said they're either "very trusting" or "somewhat trusting" of their neighbors.

That's the second-highest of the 20 largest metro areas in the U.S., behind Portland, Oregon, where 83 percent of residents say their neighbors are trustworthy.

The third-most trusting city is Denver at 79 percent. 

However, not many people were surveyed. The Star Tribune says more than 4,000 people responded to the nationwide survey, including about 200 from the Twin Cities. 

The paper notes the survey was conducted to a select number of YouGov's 1.2 million users who've registered to take surveys. 

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