MTV examines Minneapolis music scene in new series


As far as MTV is concerned, Minneapolis is one of the places to be for music in America.

The Current reports that Minneapolis is featured in the third episode of "This is the Place," a new series that examines that music scene in different cities across the U.S.

Describing the episode, called "Minneapolis: A Place So Cold the Music is So Hot," the Current notes that only a "small fraction" of the music scene is showcased. But while the show doesn't include any folk, rock, jazz or blues artists, it does spotlight the city's collaborative musical spirit.

"There is such a collaborative scene that even the word collaborative doesn’t quite do it justice; more often than not, bands and groups bleed into one another, overlap, and then reconfigure themselves into totally new projects," writes the Current's Andrea Swensson.

Among the Minneapolis artists featured in the video are Har Mar Superstar, The Chalice, Doomtree and P.O.S., as well as the "Radio Free Current" host David Campbell and his immense library of local music.

See the segment of MTV's "This is the Place" below.

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