So much nostalgia: The original Tamagotchi is back

Are you ready to relive your childhood?

Are you ready to relive your childhood? The original Tamagotchi is making a comeback.

Yep, we're talking about those little handheld, virtual pets that were on every kid's wish list in the '90s. "But Mom, it will teach me to be responsible!" we cried. And they did – you had to make sure your Tamagotchi got the proper amount of food, play, and TLC, because if you didn't, it would die.

Japanese toy maker Bandai has re-released their iconic product in celebration of Tamagotchi's 20th anniversary. Feel old yet?

Here's the Japanese ad:

Now, if you're thinking "Who cares, I've seen those for sale online" – slow your roll. These are just like the OG Tamagotchis. The basic graphics look the same as the '90s version, and they come in the six original colors on keychains. Business Insider says they're just smaller than the classic.

Okay, here's the kind of bad news: So far they've only been re-released in Japan. BUT... they are available on Amazon Japan. The cost conversion comes to just a little over $17, which Mashable says is about the same as what they went for in 1997.

And we're so ready for them. I mean, it's been 20 years since Tamagotchis were introduced. Hopefully a couple decades of life experience will make us better parents to these babies.

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