Musician, bartender to take over historic Minneapolis drinking hole

The bar's history dates back to 1906.
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Few bars in Minnesota have a more storied history than Palmer's Bar, for which a new chapter is about to be written.

The Cedar Riverside bar is in the process of getting a new owner, Tony Zaccardi, who confirmed on Twitter this weekend he's in the process of buying the historic drinking hole from current owner Lisa Hammer.

The bar's origins date back as far as 1906, according to its website, when it was owned by the Minneapolis Brewing Company (which later became the Grain Belt Brewery).

It was a "second home" to dock, rail and lumber workers, boat crews, immigrants, gadflies and transients" in the pre-Prohibition era.

The location was claimed to to be one of the first to tap a legal keg upon the repeal of Prohibition – although there were rumors that it never stopped serving, amid talk of a secret tunnel that connected it to the bar across the street, which is now the Nomad.

Its illustrious past and popular present saw it named in 2014 as one of America's Best Bars by Esquire magazine.

Zaccardi, a bassist for local bands including Eleganza and Romantica, is best known for making and serving drinks at Grumpy's Northeast.

He told the CityPages that he doesn't plan on making too many changes to the Minneapolis institution at 500 Cedar Avenue, other than starting to accept credit cards, make a few additions to the tap beer list and bring more music to the venue.

So expect it to stay pretty much how it's always been: 'A church for down and outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows – bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities."

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