National food critic visits Minneapolis diner, likes it

Adele ate there on the 4th of July last year.

Things just keep getting better and better for the Hi-Lo Diner, a newish (and popular) restaurant in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The eatery – which has been making headlines since the owners shipped in their vintage 1950s dining car from Cleveland in 2015 – got a huge shoutout in USA Today on Thursday, with a glowing review from national food critic Larry Olmsted

Olmsted spends eight lengthy paragraphs gushing about the Hi-Lo, describing its menu and atmosphere as "hipster meets Midwest culture."

"The large menu features lots of twists on classic diner fare," he writes, saying diner-car staples like pancakes, French toast, club sandwiches and meatloaf – to name just a few – are "gussied up" in "creative fashion."

He also pays a lot of attention to the restaurant's two signature items, the Hi-Top (a savory donut-based dish, pictured below) and the Silo (a stuffed sandwich not unlike a bread bowl).

Of the Hi-Top, Olmsted says "the pastry itself is big, and delicious in a greasy decadent way, and the toppings are very eclectic," while the Silo is a "fancier" version of a "working-class meal that has morphed into the mainstream."

Despite all this praise, Olmsted says the Hi-Lo Diner isn't "pilgramage-worthy" – i.e. don't fly to Minneapolis just to eat at this restaurant – though it's certainly "interesting," and offers "a glimpse" into what happens when hipster sensibilities meet the Midwestern palate. 

British pop superstar Adele might differ with that opinion, however; the singer spent her 4th of July at the Hi-Lo last year, generating a heaping plateful of attention for the diner.

The restaurant opened to much fanfare on Lake Street in March 2016, and a second location at MSP International Airport is in the works

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