New coffee house opens by mocking Starbucks (pending lawsuit)

The pumpkin spice latte is very, very familiar.

Expecting a call from a team of high-powered lawyers any day now is Five Watt Coffee, whose new location opened with an epic troll of Starbucks.

The coffeehouse launched its second Minneapolis venue on Wednesday, with the shop at 861 E. Hennepin Ave., inside the Miller Textile Building, adding to the Kingfield home it's had since 2014.

And to celebrate its opening, Five Watt Coffee revealed a seasonal item that looks to us like blatant copyright infringement, namely the Venti Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

At $7.25 for 20oz, it's a little pricier than Starbucks' signature fall special, but Five Watt's version has an extra ingredient (in addition to using actual pumpkin).

"Pumpkin puree, spices, cinnamon bitters, housemade cinnamon whip, pending lawsuit" are the listed ingredients, with Five Watt tweeting out its menu on Wednesday.

Given the propensity of big business to sue at the drop of the hat, you should probably get there soon if you want to try Five Watt's PSL.

Even if it's gone, Twin Cities Eater says Five Watt makes lattes that are "widely regarded" as some of the best non-alcoholic drinks in town, thanks to their use of espresso, home-made bitters and sweeteners like agave and maple syrup.

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