New Keillor-voiced car ad makes impossible possible


Honda is being cited for its innovative new video advertisement that features the familiar voice of a famous Minnesotan.

AdWeek named the car company's new European spot for its CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC Diesel an "Ad of the Day" last Wednesday.

The commercial shows the vehicle "traversing a surreal landscape of complex and cool visual effects," AdWeek says.

Keillor isn't heard until later in the spot, in which he concludes that the vehicle is "an impossible made possible."

Keillor isn't called out specifically in the AdWeek article, but City Pages notes the voice is clearly the "Prairie Home Companion" host's because he's done Honda spots in the past.

While AdWeek praises the ad's visual effects, the publication is not exactly a fan of the narration.

The publication calls it "a somewhat clunky voiceover" and notes that it seems "almost intrusive" in the spot.

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