New Mall of America luxury movie theater gets its opening date

The CMX Cinemas will open on May 4.
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The Mall of America is getting its movie theater back starting next week.

The megamall has been cinema-less since December 2016, when its long-running movie theater closed down.

But now its luxury experience replacement, the CMX Cinemas, has arrived and will open its doors next Friday, May 4.

It's slashed the number of seats in the theaters, reducing it from a total capacity of 2,200 to just 864 across 13 screens, with viewers now treated to luxury recliner-style seating.


– Luxury movie theater opening soon at MOA.

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There were initial fears that CMX's luxury experience would lead to ticket prices between $25 to $27 for weekend matinees and evening showings, as is the case in its other locations.

However ticket prices instead are a much more manageable $5 to $14, depending on when you're watching, as well as a $5 all-day offer on Tuesdays.

Children's tickets will cost $8, the same for senior citizens and veterans.

MOA Movie theater bar CMX

So how is it cheaper than initially thought? Well it's because the new movie theater comes with a 1,650-square-foot "culinary market area," a food hall concept that CMX is presumably hoping will generate a boatload of cash.

It'll give visitors a wide array of food and drink options unlike any other cinema in the state, including an in-house pizza station, a burgers and shakes bar, a to-go deli section – which includes wine and beer – and a gourmet popcorn lab.

It will also be home to an "immersive center bar" with handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine and spirits list.

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