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New store coming to Mall of America will serve up raw cookie dough

It'll serve raw dough by the scoop.

It was only a few short months ago that the Dough Dough food truck hit the streets of Minneapolis, signaling the raw cookie dough craze had arrived in Minnesota. 

And now it appears the fad is here to stay, because Dough Dough is opening up its first brick-and-mortar location at (where else?) the Mall of America soon. 

It'll be right across from Doc Popcorn on the third level of the mall's north end, according to a Monday press release. The plan is to open the 600-square-foot store in late fall, just "in time for the holiday season."

This comes after what appears to be a highly successful first few months for Dough Dough, with husband-and-wife owners Haley and Tony Fritz saying the "dessert food truck" is so popular, "we have had trouble getting cookie dough to all the people that want it."

The business's slogan is "cookies by the spoonful," but actually, it works a lot like ice cream. The dough is served in scoops, and comes in an assortment of flavors, including classics like chocolate chip and salted caramel, and more "gourmet" selections like "Peanut Buuuuttter."

Monday's announcement may also herald the start of a growing food empire in the Twin Cities. 

In addition to Dough Dough, the Fritzes run the popular O'Cheeze food truck service (which they launched after getting married in 2013), and are planning to expand its grilled cheese sandwich offerings to a physical location in the Minneapolis skyway soon

Wait, raw cookie dough is safe to eat? 

When the dough is egg-free and the flour heat-treated, yes.

Otherwise, eating raw cookie dough – which many of us enjoyed doing (and survived) as children – carries some risks, like contracting salmonella and other foodborne illnesses.

But according to a Pioneer Press interview with the Fritzes, Dough Dough's recipes don't use eggs, and the flour they bake with is "heated for safety." 

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