New trailer released for Coen brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis'


Minnesota-born filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are giving movie fans a closer look at their upcoming film "Inside Llewyn Davis" with the release of a new trailer, SlashFilm reports.

The trailer, which was first debuted on Monday, features a bit more dialogue and different scenes from the film, plus a slew of positive quotes from critics who have already screened the film.

Oscar Issac stars as Llewyn Davis, a struggling folk singer who is navigating his way through the folk music scene in early 1960s in New York's Greenwich Village. The film also stars Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, F. Murray Abraham and Roseau native Garrett Hedlund.

Also featured in the trailer is frequent Coen brothers' star John Goodman (pictured, above), delivering a new line about the cat Davis takes totes around during the film.

Says Goodman's character: "Folk singer with a cat. Is that part of your act? Every time you play a C major he pukes a hairball?"

The film is set to open in limited release Dec. 6 and will expand into more theaters Dec. 20, just in time for Oscar consideration.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" has already won the Grand Prix (1st runner-up prize) at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and received a warm reception at the Telluride Film Festival in August, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film also played at the New York Film Festival last month.

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