No takers at auction of early Bob Dylan lyrics


Imagine having the original lyrics to a couple of early Bob Dylan tunes – typed up and annotated with handwritten notes by Bob himself during his coffee shop days in Greenwich Village.

Think they'd be worth a pretty penny at an auction?

Well, think again.

There were no bidders Thursday when Christie's put the lyrics to two unrecorded Dylan compositions up for sale, the Associated Press reports.

The New York auction house had estimated that the words of the 1962 composition "Talking Blues" would sell for $40,000 to $60,000. The manuscript of "Go Away You Bomb," penned the following year, was expected to fetch $30,000 to $50,000.

Dylan gave the lyrics to his friend Izzy Young, the founder of a record and book store called the Folklore Center, which was reportedly a hangout for Dylan when he arrived in New York from Minnesota's Iron Range.

There was a buzz in music circles about the sale of the lyrics.

A headline in the Irish Independent asked: "Fancy bagging the lyrics of two unrecorded Bob Dylan songs?" and estimated their value at 88,000 euros.

The expectation of a sale in the mid-five figures may have been influenced by the $2 million paid for Dylan's handwritten lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone" at an auction this summer.

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