Not nice: Twin Cities No. 4 on 'snobby' cities list


Minnesotans are stereotyped for many things, but being snooty hasn't traditionally been among them.

But a new ranking by Travel & Leisure magazine puts Minneapolis-St. Paul at No. 4 on its snobbiest cities list.

The magazine explains: "Perhaps readers felt intimidated by these bookish, indie-music-loving, craft-beer-drinking hipsters, who also ranked highly for being exceptionally tidy. If these Minnesotans feel self-satisfied, is it any wonder? They also scored well for being fit and outdoorsy; you can join them at the Chain of Lakes, where, depending on the season, folks are hiking, paddling, or even ice-surfing."

For a more detailed understanding of how it is that the metro ended up with its indignant nose in the air, MPR's Bob Collins has some fun dissecting the criteria that landed the Twin Cities on the list. Among the "staples of snobbery" factors: a reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents, high-end shopping and highbrow cultural offerings like classical music and theater, tech-savviness, artisanal coffeehouses, and a conspicuous eco-consciousness.

Some might say those are not such bad things to have. As WCCO's Jason DeRusha jokes, "I think we can do way better than fourth."

Here's the elite company we keep:

1. San Francisco
2. New York City
3. Boston
4. Minneapolis-St. Paul
5. (tie) Santa Fe
(tie) Seattle
7. Chicago
8. Providence
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Charleston

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