Not skunked: Craft beer board game from MN man brews up support


Adam Rehberg likes craft beer. He also likes board games.

So the Twin Cities man figured, why not put them together and see what brews up?

The answer: a lot of interest (and money) from other enthusiasts.

"Brewin' USA," a game Rehberg came up with during a car ride, is a new "Euro Board Game" expected to go into production this fall.

CityPages calls it a "game of conquest" with a "fun subject matter" that combines "Risk-like geography" and bidding wars over ingredients, with the goal of transforming a start-up brewery into the best craft brewery in the U.S., the game's website says.

Two to five players can play at a time and the game takes less than 60 minutes to complete.

Thousands of dollars already raised

Rehberg launched "Brewin' USA" on Kickstarter Feb. 18 and has already raised more than $16,300 of his $20,000 goal – with 23 days still left of the campaign. If he reaches his goal by March 20, the game is expected to be in production by this fall.

The game got a boost from Cards Against Humanity, after being named a finalist in the Cards Against Humanity Tabletop Death Match competition last year. Rehberg's game finished in the top eight out of more than 300 Indie games in the competition. He's also done a few game nights at breweries in Minnesota and the Midwest to further promote his venture.

Minnesota brews included

And some of those breweries are teaming up with Rehberg. Logos of local breweries will be appearing in the game, CityPages notes, and the Star Tribune says about 20 Minnesota craft breweries are expected to partner with Rehberg on the project. Waconia Brewing Company is one of them, according to its Facebook page.

"We made a pretty big push to work with Minnesota breweries. ... What makes a game unique is if you can pay it back to the community," Rehberg told the Star Tribune.

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