Old Suburban World Theatre in Mpls. to be converted into retail space


Architects released plans Wednesday for the what will become of the old Suburban World Theatre in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reports.

The 85-year-old theater will be converted into retail space, according to plans released by DJR Architecture. The old movie theater is currently sitting vacant.

The restoration will include the repair of the twinkling ceiling lights, the rehabilitation of damaged walls and removal of hollow metal doors installed in 1999. The plans also call for the refurbishment of the building's marquee and cleaning of the building's sandstone facade.

There was no indication from the architects what sort of tenants would be housed in the renovated building.

Plans are due to be discussed at next week's meeting of the city's heritage preservation committee.

Originally known as the Granada theater, the venue designed by local architect Jack Liebenberg in 1927, was noted for its classic Granada Style -- featuring Spanish facades in the interiors with faux "stars and clouds" adorning the ceiling, to give the effect of being in an open air Spanish courtyard.

The theater was remodeled in 1954 and then became the Suburban World, the venue's website says.

In more recent years, the Suburban World has played host to special events, including the big-screen viewing of Vikings football games.

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