One of Twin Cities' best burgers will be on the menu at Timberwolves games

It's one of several new dishes landing at the renovated Target Center.
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Timberwolves fans will find a menu fit for a playoff-chasing team when they arrive at the renovated Target Center for the new season.

The team announced a series of new additions to the concessions at its Minneapolis home, expanding its offering by teaming up with a number of Minnesota restaurants.

And among the headline items for sale at the arena is the Parlour Burger, the mouthwatering creation found at the Parlour Bar beneath Borough in Minneapolis' North Loop.

The burger needs little introduction, but for those not familiar with it, it's generally considered one of the Twin Cities' best, featuring in second place on Thrillist's 2016 rankings of the top metro area burgers.

Featuring patties of chuck, ribeye and brisket, it was also No. 1 on CityPages' 2014 list of 100 best Twin Cities dishes, and now will be available for hungry Wolves ... fans.

Walleye sandwiches and sushi burritos also on the menu

Other partnerships announced include a collaboration with SotaRol, which will be bringing its popular sushi burritos (Sotaritos), and Lord Fletcher's of Spring Park, which will be selling its famous walleye sandwich.

The menu overhaul was led by Timberwolves and Lynx executive chef David Fhima, who will have his own dedicated restaurant space in Target Center where he'll make free-range organic chicken tulips with gorgonzola sauce.

He'll also be making organic cookies that will be available at Mother Dough Bakery stations around the arena.

New drink options will include local coffee courtesy of City Girl Coffee and wine from Chankaska Wines.

Also involved in crafting the new menu was Levy Restaurants, which operates the concessions stands dotted around Target Center.

Here's a full list of food options available for the new season, with the Timberwolves playing their first home game on Friday, Oct. 20 against Ricky Rubio and the Utah Jazz.

The overhauled menu will be available during future Timberwolves and Lynx games and presumably other events at Target Center, though we've contacted the Timberwolves to confirm this.

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