An orphaned puma meets the public at the MN Zoo, and another is on the way

A cat who arrived last fall met the public Friday; a younger one is also earmarked for Minnesota.

An orphaned puma from the Pacific Northwest was introduced to the public in his adopted Minnesota home Friday. Meanwhile, an even younger orphan is getting ready to follow in his paw prints as soon as he's able.

The Minnesota Zoo announced "Sequim" (pronounced "sk-whim") can now be seen in the puma enclosure along the Medtronic Minnesota Trail.

Sequim gets his name from the part of Washington state where he was found last October along with his sister. Washington's Department of Fish and Wildlife determined from their condition that no adult was looking after the cubs. And the Minnesota Zoo agreed to take them.

The female developed health problems and veterinarians were not able to save her, KARE 11 says. But Sequim gained health behind the scenes at the zoo and was strong enough to meet the public Friday in the same enclosure where an older female was already on exhibit.

A puma, by the way, is the same animal as a cougar and a mountain lion. Whatever you call it, it's the biggest cat native to our continent. Live Science explains that when it roamed over all of North and South America there were dozens of local names for the same species of cat.

5-week-old cub earmarked for Minnesota

While Sequim is the new kid on the puma block right now, there's a plan to bring a newer arrival to the zoo in Apple Valley. And he'd be coming from the same neck of the woods.

The Oregon Zoo announced last week that it's taking care of a 5-week-old orphaned puma until the cub is ready to move to the Minnesota Zoo.

This one was rescued in Washington state after a landslide separated him from his mother. The Oregon Zoo says the little guy has "a fuzzy, spotted coat, baby-blue eyes and a surprisingly big voice." Their vets described the cub as "loud and rambunctious." The zoo posted a video to give you an idea.

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