Our 5 favorite #NoImCuter tweets from zoos and aquariums

When zoos and aquariums have a Twitter cute-off war, we all win.

We could all use an injection of pure happiness now and again, especially if it's been a real day.

We got that Thursday, when the internet was blessed with pure, concentrated joy in the form of the #NoImCuter Twitter hashtag. It's pretty simple: Zoos and aquariums tweeted photo after photo of cute animals. And we all won. 

The idea was a team effort between parks accredited with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the Minnesota Zoo said. But they were the ones to kick it off with this tweet:

So we did the exhaustingly difficult work of sifting through the #NoImCuter tweets to pick some highlights. (And at the bottom of this post we embedded all the top tweets, so you can scroll through the joy to your heart's content.)

Here are 5 of our favorites.

1. Ermahgerd, turtley!

2. Wait for it ...

3. Which one wins?

4. Everybody loves penguins

5. Quill or spine?

Honorable mention: A tinier turtle

All the tweets

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