Our commutes aren't that bad when compared to other cities, survey says

We don't spend as much time in traffic, and our drives are less stressful.
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It may feel like traffic in the Twin Cities is horrible, but we've got it better than many, a new survey shows

The staffing firm Robert Half surveyed workers in 27 major U.S. cities to find out how long they spend commuting to the office and how stressful their commutes are. 

And it turns out Minneapolis isn't as bad as we make think. The survey found workers here spend 43.53 minutes a day driving to and from their jobs, which puts Minneapolis at No. 22 on the longest commutes list. 

People in Washington, D.C., have the longest commutes, averaging just over an hour. San Francisco (59.2 minutes), Chicago (58.5 minutes), New York (57.92 minutes) and Dallas (54.95 minutes) round out the top five for the longest commutes. 

The national average for time spent driving to and from work is about 49 minutes, and we're well below that.

Workers in Minneapolis are also less stressed than people in other cities, with Minneapolis coming in at No. 24 on the "most-stressed commutes" list. 

The survey found those with the longest commutes aren't always the most stressful. The fives cities with the most stressful commutes are: Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Phoenix and San Francisco. 

It's not all good news

Traffic in the Twin Cities may be better than some cities, but it's also not that great. Here are what some other reports had to say about traffic in the metro area. 

The most recent Minnesota Department of Transportation congestion report released earlier this month found Twin Cities freeways are clogged 23.7 percent of the time – the highest since MnDOT started collecting the data in 1993, but only 0.3 percent higher than last year. 

Meanwhile, the Center of the American Experiment said this summer traffic costs the metro area nearly $4 billion a year in wasted time and increased business costs. 

The center, which released its report blaming the state government for traffic woes, added that the Twin Cities is the 17th most congested urban area – up from 35th in 1982. 

Inrix's 2016 traffic congestion report says Minneapolis ranks No. 15 out of 240 U.S. cities when it comes to bad traffic. Commuters spend 40 hours in traffic every year, costing them $1,109 a year, the report notes. 

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