People are already crazy about Pokemon Go even though it barely works

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A bunch of people really want to play Pokemon Go. Most of them haven't been able to.

A brand new app version of arguably the most successful video game of all time came out for iPhone and Android Wednesday. Called Pokemon Go, you're a Pokemon trainer (duh) trying to catch Pokemon – but instead of being on a Gameboy screen, they're now sprinkled throughout the real world and you can run across them.

For example, here's our producer Melissa Turtinen next to a Bulbasaur (as seen through a phone with the app open).

To get the 100+ different Pokemon available though, you have to travel around to different places in the real world, the website says. There are specific events and in-game locations tied to real-world landmarks.

But the game hasn't worked well

Here's the problem: The game hasn't really worked consistently since its launch.

"Terrible," is how Kotaku described the launch, with players running into a whole bunch of different issues.

We tried it Friday afternoon – it opened for some of us, but never worked long enough to do much. One person's Pokeball got stuck while trying to catch the Bulbasaur seen above; another had their game get stuck while picking a character model. The official Twitter account says they've been having server issues, and Go producers got hit with this message:

When it has worked? Great screengrabs

When the game has worked good enough to run into Pokemon, it's produced some excellent screengrabs.

At home with booze:

In the hospital room while your wife is giving birth:

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In a toilet:

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With a newly-signed NBA free agent:

At a baseball game:

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Send us funny screengrabs!

We're going to be giving this a spin over the weekend – and will share the best screengrabs we get next week. Meanwhile, if you happen to find a Pokemon, tweet at us!

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