Peter Frampton apologizes for Treasure Island meltdown, kind of

His apology can be defined as "barely public"

After abruptly exiting the stage at a Minnesota concert in annoyance at one of the camera operators, Peter Frampton has apologized.

Well, he's kind of apologized. We're not giving him credit for full repentance after he posted his apology on Twitter – but only in reply to another user.

This means it only shows up if you check the user's Twitter page, Frampton's "Tweets and Replies" section, or happen to follow both accounts.

Nonetheless, he explained his annoyance stemming from wanting to "give you all the show you deserved" at Treasure Island Resort and Casino on Sunday.

Frampton got annoyed at a camera operator for showing shots of the crowd during one of his solos, at one point reportedly walking up to and swearing into the camera before exiting the stage at the end of his song.

He returned a short time later to finish his set, with the video screens turned off.

He posted his apology in response to a fan of his, who seemed fairly supportive of his actions on Sunday.

GoMN on Monday contacted Frampton's management to ask for a comment about the incident, which happened as he opened for the Steve Miller Band before almost 9,000 fans. We have yet to hear back.

And if the British-born rocker wants to share those apologies around, plenty were left on his Facebook page after his Sunday performance.

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