Pizza Hut promises hotter pies thanks to 3M technology

The pizza chain developed a new delivery pouch lined with 3M insulation – which is normally used in ski jackets.

Special insulation that 3M designed for winter coats could help Pizza Hut step up its delivery game.

The chain is launching a pouch that’s designed to deliver pies 15 degrees hotter than in the past, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday.

The inside of the pouch is lined with 3M's Thinsulate Insulation, which is commonly used in ski jackets to keep people warm and dry. 

3M – which manufactures a huge range of products, but is perhaps best known for being the maker of Post-it Notes and Scotch tape – is headquartered in Maplewood, so they might know a thing or two about keeping warm.

“By implementing the unique power of our Thinsulate Insulation, which is warmer than almost every comparable material on the market, we’re able to help Pizza Hut achieve their goal to deliver customers a hotter pizza than ever before,” Mindy Murray, Brand Communications Manager, 3M said in the release.

The pouch is part of Pizza Hut's new "oven hot delivery system," which also includes a new and improved pizza box.

America's largest pizza chain has struggled in recent years, but says it's taking a "lazer focus" on improving the delivery experience. 

Besides keeping the pies hotter, the company is working on hiring 14,000 new drivers, and has started using a new algorithm that combines weather, construction, and traffic data to more accurately predict delivery times.

Pizza Parka

To accompany the launch of its new delivery pouch, Pizza Hut has created a "pizza parka," which also incorporates 3M's Thinsulate Insulate to create a super toasty "Heat Lovers" jacket.

The parka has several pizza-inspired features, including a weather-resistant outer "crust," a napkin gaiter, dual parmesan and red pepper pockets, a marinara splash guard to protect your phone when ordering, and an order window to allow wearers to easily order their pies from the jacket’s sleeve.

Before you reach for your debit card, we have some bad news. Pizza Hut only made about 100 of these bad boys.

So you can't buy a jacket – you'll have to win it.

Through the end of October – which is National Pizza Month – customers who place an online pizza order on or through the Pizza Hut app will be entered for a chance to have a parka delivered along with their pizza.

You can also enter to win by tweeting the pizza slice and flame emojis to @PizzaHut.

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