Plain plows this winter? Not in Northfield, Van Gogh


Ask some of us to paint a snow plow and you might see a bucketful of pigment tossed casually at the truck's blade.

But folks in Northfield have found a better way, letting young artistes hone their brush skills while brightening the look of the town's snow removal system.

For the fourth year, students at St. Dominic School in Northfield are decorating the snow plow blades the city's public works department will use this winter.

As FOX 9 reports, the students select designs based on the paintings of the masters – from Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe to Roy Lichtenstein and Dr. Seuss.

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Last year the Northfield News toured the finished blades as they were presented at St. Dominic's Snow Plow Art Walk. (See a gallery of photos)

How did eighth grader Garrett Sawyer explain his choice (below) of a plow based on Lichtenstein's "Baked Potato?" "I like eating them. They are delicious," he told the News.

FOX says it was Northfield's public works director who approached the school to suggest the collaboration. But St. Dominic is enthusiastic about the project, too, with an art teacher telling the Northfield News it's a good way for the school to connect to art and to the community.

Northfield is not alone in turning to young art students to perk up its plow look.

Photos circulating on Twitter show the practice has caught on in Geneva, Wisconsin, and Dublin, Ohio, among other places.

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