Planning your summer vacation? Kayak says head to Europe

The comparison site has revealed its "travel hacks" for 2018.

What's happening?

Comparison site Kayak has revealed its "travel hacks" for 2018, highlighting which destinations are expected to be popular and affordable this year.

So where should I book?

Europe, apparently. Kayak says that 7 of its top 10 trending destinations for U.S. travelers are across the Atlantic.

Searches for Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Athens, Paris and Rome have surged this year.

Meanwhile, the strength of the dollar against the pound sterling means that London is now 9th in Kayak's "most searched for destinations" for the first time ever (all the other destinations in the top 10 most popular are in the U.S. – including Vegas at first).

Kayak says that flights to European cities are the cheapest they've been for three years. 

And of the destinations mentioned above, you can fly direct to Paris, Amsterdam and London with Delta from Minneapolis-St. Paul.

What if I wanted to stay on this continent?

If you're not looking to travel intercontinental, then there are plenty of cut-price destinations available.

Kayak says some of the biggest discounts can be found for trips to Guadalajara, Mexico, Calgary in Canada, and U.S. cities including Orlando, Raleigh and Denver.

Minneapolis comes in 9th place on Kayak's most wallet-friendly destinations in North America, costing 23 percent less than the average domestic trip.

Any other tips?

If you're booking international flights, March is the cheapest month to fly, and for domestic it's January (bit late for that now, unfortunately).

While there's no "magic day" to fly on, Kayak says the important thing for travelers to be is flexible with departure dates so you can get yourself the best deal.

On average, the cheapest days to fly domestically last year were Tuesday and Saturday.

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