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Pleased to (re)meet them: 'Mats name familiar sidekicks for reunion gigs


At least part of the speculation about one of rock 'n' roll's most anticipated reunions of the summer can be laid to rest. The (latest round) of Replacements' replacements have been named, according to the Star Tribune.

Chris Riemenschneider has the scoop for the Strib, saying that longtime Paul Westerberg drummer Josh Freese will be the behind the kit when Westerberg and Tommy Stinson play their first gig under the Replacements name in more than 20 years next weekend in Toronto.

Boston guitarist Dave Minehan, who also toured with Westerberg in the 1990s, will join the band on guitar.

No shocking revelations, as some folks expected Freese especially to get the nod all along, but, still, the rumors can be laid to rest.

As for other guests, no one's saying anything, as this Rolling Stone interview with bassist Stinson can attest.

The main Facebook page for the band only has a posting in anticipation of the Toronto show, but mostly the page makes good on its promise "for a bevy of inactivity and a disturbing lack of content!"

Snippets of frontman/songwriter/guitarist Westerberg rehearsing with Stinson and an unseen drummer have been floating around the interwebs for a few weeks now.

Some purists will argue that without original drummer Chris Mars in the band, it's not a Replacements show. Mars, a hugely successful visual artist, seems to have sworn off music - or live performance, anyway - for good. Founding guitarist Bob Stinson is dead, as well as replacement drummer Steve Foley. Replacement guitarist Bob "Slim" Dunlap is recovering from a stroke.

There are no indications of a hometown Minneapolis show; the band plays three dates in coordination with RiotFest: The Toronto show Aug. 25, a Chicago show Sept. 15 and a Denver show Sept. 22.

Here's a rehearsal clip of "Favorite Thing" that surfaced about a month ago:

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