Pokémon Go is coming out with a huge update to the game

It's the first major plot update since the game launched in 2016.
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Remember the Pokémon Go craze? Well, it might be on the verge of catching a second wind thanks to new developments to the location-based mobile game. 

For the first time since launching worldwide in 2016, Pokémon Go is pushing out a plot update that will send trainers (people who play the game) on research missions that might lead to the newest character, "Mythical Pokémon Mew," according to the game's developer, Niantic

The updates, which will go live Friday, March 30, will feature two new types of research: Field Research and Special Research. 

Field Research gives trainers objectives to find and catch Pokémon, in addition to battling other trainers. Special Research is for discovery journeys that are sometimes assigned to users by one of the main characters, "Professor Willow."

Doing research leads to rewards, catching hard-to-find pokémon, and a chance to earn one stamp per day. Once a player accumulates seven stamps they're eligible for more rewards and a chance to battle legendary pokémon, the release says. 

Interest in Pokémon Go was massive when it launched in 2016, and you probably witnessed groups of people, both kids and adults, running around parks and malls staring at their phones as they played the game.

The game allows players to walk around the real world with their avatars moving with them on the game's map. 

As of last summer, Pokémon Go had been downloaded by more than 750 million users. 

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