The Colossal Cafe is moving to a place where it's less tiny

The cafe's owners say it is planning a "new concept" for the soon-to-close original location.

The original Colossal Cafe is moving to a new location that will more than double its size.

The popular breakfast mainstay of 42nd and Cedar in south Minneapolis is relocating to the former Pilgrimage Cafe premises at 2403 E. 38th Street, it announced on Wednesday, just a mile away from its current home.

The original cafe seats just 15 people, with the Business Journal reporting that at just 550 square feet, it's almost six times smaller than the Pilgrimage space.

Owners John and Elizabeth Tinucci say on the Colossal website that the new cafe will have 44 seats in the restaurant and 24 on a private patio. But while the location is changing, the menu will not.

March 31 will be the last day for the original Colossal Cafe, with the new eatery due to open sometime during the spring.

"It is bittersweet for us to be closing the original Colossal Cafe," Elizabeth Tinucci said. "When we bought the Colossal Cafe in 2010, we knew that this tiny restaurant in south Minneapolis was an institution in the community, and we are making this announcement today so customers have a chance to come in one more time for breakfast or lunch.

"The good news is that we are not leaving Minneapolis, but moving to a new, bigger, space - and yes, we will take credit cards at the new location!"

The 42nd and Cedar location will not be abandoned either, with John Tinucci saying they have a "new concept in the works" for the venue.

"We are not done at the original location quite yet," he said.

Colossal's success in south Minneapolis spawned two more cafe, in Como and in St. Paul. CityPages reports

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