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Popularity of 'Frozen' shows no signs of thawing


The popularity of Disney's blockbuster animated movie "Frozen" – a smash success since its November release – shows no sign of ebbing, even as parents display "Let it Go" fatigue.

Six months later, Minnesota-based Target is still having trouble keeping movie-related merchandise on the shelves.

"It became the most successful first-day release for any movie in Target history," Target vice president Kathee Tesija told the Pioneer Press on Wednesday. "And in the short time since, the movie has become Target's biggest movie ever."

In the first month, Target sold more "Frozen" movies than it sold in the first year "Finding Nemo" was available on video, which previously held the record for the company's biggest release, the newspaper notes.

Stores, including Target, weren't prepared for the Frozen's hot sales. Frozen-related merchandise continues to fly off store shelves. Desperate parents have been paying over $1,000 online for a limited-edition version of Elsa's blue dress, which Disney originally sold for $149. A cheaper version has been sold by Target, but it has rarely been in stock.

The Academy Award-winning film has become the highest-grossing animated movie ever – topping $1 billion in sales globally.

Part of that popularity stems from the movie's hit song "Let it Go," a favorite among children, sung at the top of their lungs on the playground and in school.

The song has also topped music charts and has been the subject of many YouTube remakes and inevitable parodies.

Disney, which was caught off guard by the movie's popularity, had initially played down the film's music, the New York Times notes. But the the hit song helped propel the soundtrack to record sales – totaling 2.7 million copies in the U.S. alone.

The soundtrack was also the best-seller in Target's first quarter and sold more units in April than all other releases combined, Tesija said, according to the Pioneer Press.

"We were blown away by the response," Tesija told the newspaper.

And on Tuesday, capitalizing on its months-long popularity, Disney announced a Disney on Ice production of "Frozen" that will tour the nation, including a stop in the Twin Cities in April 2015.

Even though spring is finally here, the movie is still just as popular as it was during the winter.

Why? WCCO addressed that in its segment "Good Question."

"The message that 'Frozen' sends about love, and love being such a strong kind of conquering-all message resonates with all ages," Amy Susman-Stillman, co-director of the Center for Early Education and Development at the University of Minnesota, told WCCO.

If you haven't seen it, "Frozen" is the story of a sisterly bond and a princess (not a prince) saving the day – and in the end, the princess doesn't end up with a Prince Charming.

Susman-Stillman says combining the unique Disney princess storyline with catchy music was a recipe for the smash hit.

A post on the pop-culture website Vulture listed the eight reasons why "Frozen" is unstoppable, saying the storyline (two princesses), the songs and the witty snowman sidekick Olaf all contribute to the movie's unprecedented success.

While the movie's popularity with kids shows few signs of wavering, many parents have said they wish their children would ... let it go.

One father famously changed the lyrics to the hit song to express his frustration. His rendition has gone viral with more than 1.5 million views on YouTube:

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