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Prince hits big streaming apps Sunday (just like we all expected)

Stream Prince while watching the Grammys!

Prince music – a lot of it – will be available on streaming services (that aren't Tidal) starting Sunday.

A handful of the big players Friday confirmed to news outlets what everyone's been expecting for weeks now: that a large selection of Prince's expansive catalogue will be available the day of the Grammys.

Napster, in a message to NPR, was the first to break the seal, writing: "The rumors are true ... music fans rejoice!"

Then Spotify told the BBC yep, they'll have Prince music too.

Billboard then got the affirmative from Amazon Music.

Apple Music and Deezer are also in line to get the Purple One's tunes, according to the reports.

It doesn't cover every one of his songs. Instead, it's believed everything he published with Warner Bros. is part of the deal.

That'd be all his studio albums from the start of his career through 1996's Chaos and Disorder. So it includes some of the big ones, such as Prince1999Purple Rain, and Sign o' the Times.

And then there's the vault

This all comes a day after Universal Music Group announced it has a deal to buy the rights to all Prince's music recorded after 1995 (his split with Warner Bros.).

That could mean Universal would control the 25 albums released through NPG, such as Emancipation, Musicology and 3121.

The deal also includes whatever unreleased music is in his coveted vault. Universal didn't say how many songs that might be, but did write it includes "outtakes, demos and live recordings."

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