Prince hosts 'Dance Rally 4 Peace' at Paisley Park


Prince opened his Paisley Park studio again Saturday night, but this time it's for a special cause. The Minnesota music legend asked everyone to "wear something gray" for what he called a "Dance Rally 4 Peace" to support Baltimore protesters.

Unrest in Baltimore has brought hundreds to the streets as they protest the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, a black man who was injured in police custody and later died.

Prince announced Friday he's releasing a song as a tribute to the people of Baltimore.

This isn't the first time Prince has released politically influenced music. BET reports his 1981 hit "Ronnie, Talk to Russia" looked at the nuclear arms race, "Sign o' the Times" addressed AIDS and drug-use in the '80s, and "Cinnamon Girl" came out in 2004 in response to "Islamaphobia."

Details were posted on the Purple Essence Twitter feed.

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