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Prince offers lower-priced tickets for Myth gigs


Prince is apparently having trouble filling up Saturday night's gigs at the Myth Live Event Center because of his $259 ticket price.

The Star Tribune reports that The Purple One has now started selling two, lower-tier priced tickets for the shows.

Now fans can get into the Myth for $99 to see the show from the "third tier balcony" or $149 can secure you a spot on the "second tier" floor.

There are still $259 tickets, which will find you a standing room spot of the "first tier main floor."

More than one music critic objected to Prince's steep ticket prices for his recent West Coast Tour with his new band 3rdEye Girl, where he charged anywhere from $250 to $275 per ticket. The difference between those gigs and the Myth shows, however, is that West Coast concerts played in smaller venues, while the Myth holds 3,200 people.

At the last night of his open rehearsals at the 300-seat Dakota Jazz Club in January, Prince charged $200-$250 per ticket, up from $70 on the first night and $100-$150 the second night.

According to the Star Tribune, Prince was asked about his high ticket prices in an interview last week, to which he responded, "I'm paying my band more than I've ever paid."

He did reportedly say that he's making more money than usual on the road because he's traveling with a smaller entourage and less elaborate production, and that the tour isn't being handled by major promoters like Live Nation or AEG Live.

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