Rare Superman comic found in abandoned Minnesota house sells for big money


A super-rare find in an abandoned Elbow Lake house has made a Minnesota man much richer, The Associated Press reports.

The online auction house ComicConnect sold David Gonzalez's copy of "Action Comics #1" -- a 75-year-old comic which features Superman's first appearance -- for more than $175,000 Tuesday night.

Gonzalez, a contractor who lives in Hoffman, near St. Cloud, was gutting a fixer-upper he purchased for $10,100 when discovered the comic book among some newspapers in the house's insulation.

Stephen Fishler, CEO of ComicConnect told The AP that 51 bids were made for the comic book, and the winner is a "hard core, golden age comic book collector."

Fishler said that about 100 copies of "Action Comics #No. 1 are in still in existence, which makes it the Holy Grail to comic book collectors. A copy graded 9.0 on a scale of 10 was sold by the auction house in 2011 for more than $2.1 million after 50 bids.

The Hollywood Reporter says the nearly-pristine comic book was sold by Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage.

Gonzalez's copy was graded a 1.5, but it could have been higher if not for an unfortunate mishap.

According to the Star Tribune, when Gonzalez showed the comic book to his in-laws, his wife’s aunt grabbed the comic book from him in the excitement of the discovery. When Gonzalez grabbed the comic back, he tore the back cover.

The tear dropped the grade from about a 3.0 to a 1.5, which likely decreased the value by $75,000.

Gonzalez reportedly said in an interview that he doesn't care about the money.

Fishler told The AP that the back story of how the comic was found was part of the appeal in purchasing it.

The hype over the auction comes just before the release Friday of the newest Superman movie "Man of Steel," starring Henry Cavill in the title role.

See a full image of the comic Gonzalez found below.

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