Ready to rock: iconic First Avenue will reopen Friday


The lights will be on, the music cranked and Friday night should feel like a party as legendary Minneapolis music venue First Avenue is expected to reopen.

According to the Star Tribune, the club will reopen Friday night at 8 p.m. for a concert from Grrl Prty – a hometown hip-hop group.

It's been just over two weeks since the venue closed after a 30-foot section of its ceiling collapsed, during a Theory of a Deadman show on Aug. 12.

The collapse forced an evacuation of the club and sent three fans to the hospital with mostly minor injuries.

Now 16 days later, barring any last minute set-backs the club is set to start rocking again.

"Sound and lights are mainly it – and that's more our area of expertise," said First Avenue general manager Nate Kranz to the Star Tribune. "Although, we do know a whole lot more about plaster lath than we did three weeks ago."

First Avenue had originally hoped to reopen last weekend after they had finished the work they thought was needed. But an engineer was unsure about the remaining ceiling so the club remained closed to finish the work.

That decision forced shows to be moved, rescheduled and cancelled.

Instead of replacing the plaster lath, workers just tore it out. The decision makes the ceiling three feet higher, but staff members told the Star Tribune they don't expect the change will have much of an impact on the sound.

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