Record store put 'No Ryan Adams' sign in window, Ryan Adams saw it

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Ryan Adams is notorious in the music world for having a bit of a temper, and one Minneapolis record store wanted no part of it during his recent visit to the city.

Performing at the Basilica Block Party on Saturday, the alt-country songwriter told the crowd he went skateboarding in the Loring Park area before his set and "naturally gravitated" towards a nearby record store, the Star Tribune reports.

That store was HiFi Records. Owner Jon Clifford, who also owns the next door HiFi Hair, had left a sign on the door window intended for the musician:

"No Ryan Adams admittance," it said, "unless he's in a good mood."

Clifford told BringMeTheNews he came up with the idea after joking with Steve McClellan, former general manager of First Avenue, that Adams had a history of bad shows in Minneapolis which he said was "prompted by his moods here."

He continued:

It's become so common with him. Well, it so happens that I like to egg stuff like that on. I had a strong feeling that he would come by, as he is known for frequenting record stores. Frankly, I didn't want to have to deal with him if he was going to be his cantankerous self.

I figured if he came by, and wanted to go shopping, that would set the tone. I think I am most disappointed in that I didn't get to see his face when he saw the sign. I hope to have the opportunity to laugh about it with him some time.

As it turns out, Adams by many accounts put on a great show at the Basilica, which Clifford called "long overdue." The Star Tribune reports he took Clifford's sign in good humor, laughing about it with fans and telling them he took a picture of the sign.

"I had long since written off going to see him live as I have been burned 2 out of 3 times," Clifford added. "There is no argument as to what a great talent he is, so I have reserved myself to just listen to his records.

"After Saturday, I feel compelled to give him another shot next time he comes through (if he lets me in after my sign debacle). I am glad he seemed to take it in the spirit intended."

AV Club reports how Adams played a "drunken, rambling" show at First Avenue in 2003 in which he left the stage several times to puke, and then threw a "temper tantrum" when he returned in 2007, when he complained constantly about the sound and left after 70 minutes, not doing an encore.

He seemed to enjoy his latest visit to the Twin Cities much better.

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