Red's Savoy makes a claim to 'Minnesota-style pizza' – but what is it?

Red's Savoy has made a claim to 'Sota-style' pie.
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Chicago has its deep-dish, New York its giant, thin-crust pies, but now Minnesota has a claim to its own pizza style.

Twin Cities chain Red's Savoy has taken the step of defining what it calls "'Sota Style," following a recent rebrand of its business.

"Sota-style since 1965," it declares on its website, and the Pioneer Press reports it's going all-out on the Minnesota-themed rebrand.

Pizza boxes will read "hot dish" on the top and "pull tabs" on the side, its meat lover's pizza has been renamed the "meat raffle," while company business cards say, "Hey there, let's keep in touch."

It's probably going to generate a debate that will last generations, nonetheless here's what Red's defines as "Minnesota-style pizza."

Thin crust: Nothing too pretentious, the crust has to be thin but strong enough to support the weight of the toppings.

'Passive-aggressive' sauce: Red's reckons its "special" sauce defines Minnesota-style, with the sweet, tomato savory-ness also having a bit of a kick to it.

Toppings everywhere: It's pretty common to find pizzas in Minnesota that are overloaded with toppings (Zorbaz comes to mind), with Red's saying to expect your pizza "to be covered from border to border with every single topping."

Mountains of cheese: Aforementioned toppings must be buried beneath a mound of cheese.

Square cut: It may be controversial to Neapolitan pizza purists, but 'Sota-stle pizzas should be square cut.

Anyone who's ever had a Heggies will be familiar with the square cut, with Red's saying it means you "get more pieces" and avoid the "flop over" effect.

We asked GoMN 96.3's resident pizza aficionado Ben Holsen for his views on what pizza joints typify Minnesota.

Here's where he picked: 

– Broadway Pizza

– Davanni's

– Black Sheep

– Pizza Luce

– Mesa Pizza

– Pig Ate My Pizza

– Red Wagon Pizza

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