The Replacements are releasing a new album, a live one

It documents a 1986 show in New Jersey.

Minneapolis alternative rock legends the Replacements were a legendarily mercurial live act in their heyday. They earned a rep for delivering blistering brilliance or falling-down-drunk trainwreck performances, sometimes in the same evening. Now, for the first time in over three decades, the band is releasing a live album, entitled For Sale: Live at Maxwell's1986, on October 6.

The two-disc LP is a 29-track race through some of the band's most memorable material, presented warts-and-all along with a healthy dose of B-sides and rarely-captured covers that should be catnip for diehard fans. Replacements biographer Bob Mehr, who penned a definitive history of the band in 2016 called Trouble Boys, lent his research to For Sale's liner notes.

Captured during a performance at the New Jersey venue Maxwell's in February of 1986, the live album is a portrait of the the Replacements at a critical turning point in their career. With the ink barely dry on their new major label record deal, the band set out on a legendarily debauched tour to try and scare up commercial interest in their fourth album, Tim.

According to Mehr, the 'Mats landed in New York City in January of 1986 for a series of shows that included a triumphantly disastrous performance on Saturday Night Live. Heavily inebriated, frontman Paul Westerberg spat an obscenity at guitarist Bob Stinson that was picked up by the stage microphones and broadcast worldwide, resulting in a permanent ban from any NBC TV performance for the band.

In Trouble Boys, Mehr describes the NJ show chronicled by For Sale as a redemptive success in the wake of the SNL debacle that helped cement the mythos of the Replacements in New York City. Unfortunately, the show would also be one of the last with the band's original lineup, as Bob Stinson would be fired later that year due to concerns about his alcoholism.

Track List: 

Disc One

1. "Hayday"
2. "Color Me Impressed"
3. "Dose Of Thunder"
4. "Fox On The Run"
5. "Hold My Life"
6. "I Will Dare"
7. "Favorite Thing"
8. "Unsatisfied"
9. "Can't Hardly Wait"
10. "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out"
11. "Takin' A Ride"
12. "Bastards Of Young"
13. "Kiss Me On The Bus"
14. "Black Diamond"

Disc Two

1. "Johnny's Gonna Die"
2. "Otto"
3. "I'm In Trouble"
4. "Left Of The Dial"
5. "God Damn Job"
6. "Answering Machine"
7. "Waitress In The Sky"
8. "Take Me Down To The Hospital"
9. "Gary's Got A Boner"
10. "If Only You Were Lonely"
11. "Baby Strange"
12. "Hitchin' A Ride"
13. "Nowhere Man"
14. "Go"
15. "Fuck School"

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